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How to choose the right glass

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How to choose the right glass from Waitrose Cellar

Video: How to choose the right glass with wine specialist Andrew Riding

Glassware options

With an enormous range of different wine glasses available, it can be tricky to work out which glass will get the most out of the wine you’re drinking.

As with so many things to do with wine, much is down to personal taste and often a glass that you like the look of and is comfortable in your hand will be the best one for the job. However, the general guidelines in our video guide will ensure the glass you pick will really highlight the best qualities of the wine you’re drinking.

Andrew Riding

Andrew Riding, Waitrose Cellar specialist

Andrew has many years experience in the wine industry and believes in an uncomplicated approach to the world of wine.

In the video above, he shares his expert knowledge for choosing the right glass by guiding you through four simple shapes, each designed to enhance the flavour characteristics of the main wine styles.

This will provide an excellent starting point for choosing your glassware.

Andrew's top tips...

  • Avoid putting your champagne glasses in the dishwasher. Detergent residue on the glass can make sparkling wines lose their bubbles more quickly.
  • Hold your white wine glass by the stem, rather than round the bowl, so that the heat from your hand doesn’t warm up the wine.
  • Use a red wine glass with plenty of room to swirl the wine around. This will maximise air contact, allowing the wine to breathe and develop.

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