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The perfect symphony

Talk to Rebecca about the perfect foor & wine matches

The perfect food and wine pairing with Waitrose Cellar
The Perfect Symphony

My colleagues and I love nothing more than sitting down with a fabulous plate of food and a delicious bottle of wine. If you're stuck for ideas on what to serve with your latest menu creation, please give me a call - whether its high-end entertaining, or just a great value wine for your mid-week stew or salad, I will help you find the right wine.

There may be many aspects to look at when matching food and wine, but the most important opinion is your own. If you like it, it isn't wrong.

Rebecca Ayoub
The Perfect Symphony

We all know that white wine goes with fish and red wine matches beef, but it is this always the case? What if we turn conventional wisdom on its head?

The matching of food and wine should not always be looked at as pairing the main item of a meal. Take a roast dinner for example, if you serve beef, people will serve red wine, and if you serve chicken, people may suggest a white wine. Look at your plate, however, and work out what percentage of it is taken up by the meat - probably no more than a quarter. That means 75% of your plate may not be suitable for the wine and the opposite colour may actually work better. So a roast chicken with all the trimmings of sausage meat stuffing, roasted vegetables and rich gravy will probably pair better with a red.

Similarly, a roasted fillet of beef, served with fresh Asian-spiced greens and citrus vinagrette is not going to pair well with your best claret.

After some advice on food matching?

You can now talk to Rebecca or any of our Cellar specialists directly on
03456 100 304
(Monday - Friday 9am-5pm)

Spaghetti Bolognese and white wine

Spaghetti Bolognese and white wine

Yes, it can be done - white wine with a rich tomato meat sauce. Traditional "ragu bolognese" has milk added to it and this tempers the richness slightly adding a further level of acidity to the dish. Combine this with the tomatoes and you have a wonderful dish full of fresh flavours from the meat and herbs. Reds work well, but so do whites with a bit of body and plenty of acidity. Obviously Italian dishes pair well with Italian wines and one of the best from our range to complement this dish would be Malvira Roero Arneis - give it a go for yourself!

Fish and red wine

Fish and red wine

A meaty fish like monkfish, when served grilled with a salad and a beurre blanc, would be heavenly with a white Burgundy. However, if the monkfish was wrapped in Parma ham and served on a bed of puy lentils the more robust flavours will stand up to lighter reds.

Lightly chilling the red in this instance would create a wonderful match. Try the Croix de Chaintres Saumur-Champigny as a delicious example.