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Wonderful Wines Made by Women Case of 12

Wonderful Wines Made by Women Case of 12

A celebration of female winemakers

We're raising a toast to some of the world's most talented female winemakers on 8 March with this limited edition collection of their wines from Bordeaux, Provence, Rioja, the Barossa in Australia and South Africa's Western Cape.

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Meet the winemakers

6 bottles of red, 4 bottles of white and 2 bottles of rosé

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2 x Waitrose Blueprint Côtes de Provence Rosé, France

Alc vol:12.50% | Line no:838987
Made by Samantha Bailey
Fortunately for Waitrose, the master blender at Boutinot Wines, who makes this stunning rosé, has been credited with having ‘the best palate in the business’ (she also has a good nose and almost chose a career in perfume).

Samantha joined the Boutinot team in France in 1990 when few women worked in the wine industry, as she saw no reason why females couldn’t handle the grape harvest or drive tractors: “My advice for women wanting a career in the wine world: make it happen. One of the hallmarks of a strong woman is knowing what you want and combining that with a sense of empathy and willingness to listen – I think those are excellent traits to have if you want to succeed in wine, too.” These traits are ones she herself learned from her grandmother and is passing on to her
two daughters.

Was there any inspiration behind the Blueprint Rosé? The label is like a rose garden and so is the wine – a perfect match! – a lovely nose of delicate English roses in the morning dew (I have planted real English roses in my garden in France just so that I can open the front door and enjoy their scent).

Is there a time of day or occasion or type of food when you enjoy it most? Provence rosé is blue sky in a glass – and what better than to sit out on the patio and look up at the sky whilst sipping a refreshing rosé after a day at work… (the bottle doesn’t last long!).

If this wine was a woman/girl, who would it be and why? A woman with taste who appreciates the simple things in life and can take a break to enjoy a sip of carefree pleasure!

2 x Yalumba Organic Shiraz, Australia

Alc vol:13.50% | Line no:98081
Made by Louisa Rose
Starting out at Yalumba as a cellar hand for the 1992 vintage, then rising through the ranks to become its chief winemaker, well, it's no wonder that Louisa is among the world's most respected, progressive and innovative winemakers – not only making beautiful Shiraz and Viognier, but challenging their traditional preconceptions and creating an Australian identity for them.

Louisa credits her mum Elizabeth as her mentor – instilling in Louisa that she could be anything she wanted, a realisation that's carried her to becoming chair of the board at the Australian Wine Research Institute and the first female grand master of the Barons of the Barossa (an organisation that supports the region's viticulture, gastronomy, heritage and arts).

Was there inspiration behind this Shiraz? It's a natural progression from our sustainable practices and desire to have biodiverse vineyards with their own natural balance and personality. And to make a wine that is all about the place and variety – not about oak or any other artefact.

Is there a time of day or type of food when you most enjoy it? By a fire with a good book! Its perfect food match is mushrooms but it's gregarious enough really to go with any occasion.

Who would this Shiraz be if it was a woman? Someone not pretentious, down to earth and a little left field. Margot Robbie perhaps?

2 x Bosman Nature & Sun Organic Grenache Noir
South Africa

Alc vol:13.50% | Line no:841432

Made by Corlea Fourie

From a young age, tasting her parents' wine at Sunday lunches, Corlea was intrigued by wine: "It was fascinating that a liquid made from grapes could smell and taste of random things like strawberries, liquorice and chocolate! I wanted to know why." A gap year spent working in the UK's hospitality industry, a degree from Stellenbosch University in oenology and viticulture and an internship at a winery doing fascinating things with Pinotage preceded her joining Bosman Family Vineyards in Wellington in 2006. Corlea is also an avid craft beer brewer, trail runner, mother of three and wife to an equally passionate wine explorer and maker.

Was there inspiration behind this Grenache Noir? The 2020 vintage gave us our first organic grapes from this bush vine vineyard. Nature & Sun attests to the driving forces behind it: nature, and the generosity of the
Wellington climate. Stylistically, the inspiration was to have a flavoursome wine which showed the fine tension of
young Grenache.

Is there a time of day or type of food when you most enjoy it? On a warm spring evening, try it chilled with a slice of pizza topped with Parma ham and rocket.

Who would this wine be if it was a woman? I would like to think it could be linked to any woman who is comfortable with her softness, but who has grit and tenacity, one who exudes character and depth, but who can also enjoy simplicity.

2 x The Search... for Grenache Blanc/Marsanne/Roussanne
South Africa

Alc vol:13.00% | Line no:624580

Made by Trizanne Barnard

"My philosophy about life is to embrace the unknown... driving your own business is such an adventure," says this explorer, surfer, business woman, mother and passionate winemaker. Trizanne Signature Wines began life in 2008, with the aim of making wines from two diverse regions of the Western Cape: Swartland and Elim, where Trizanne could harness her experience of working in similar cool climates of Alsace and Australia's Margaret River.

Was there inspiration behind The Search? I'm always looking for interesting varieties that are extremely well suited to the area, and these varieties perfectly suit the hot days, Mediterranean climate and warm granite outcrop of the Voor-Paardeberg – an area I found on my Search.

Is there a time of day or type of food when you most enjoy it? Lunchtime, with beautiful Asian cuisine, grilled fish or roast chicken with Mediterranean side dishes.

Who would The Search be if it was a woman? One who is in gumboots in the morning and high heels in
the evening.

2 x Dourthe Roqueblanche Sauvignon Blanc, France

Alc vol:12.00% | Line no:470806
Made by Veronique Razimbaud
Although this winemaker was born and raised in Madiran, South West France, it's Bordeaux that has perhaps shaped her life the most. After studying oenology at the city's University of Biology, Veronique joined Dourthe – one of France's most successful wine companies – in 1987. Over the years she's helped the business develop its wines, built relationships with growers and is now part of the team behind the Roqueblanche brand.

Was there any inspiration behind it? Wine has always inspired me, it's my true passion.

Is there a time of day or type of food when you enjoy it most? Summertime, while enjoying local oysters with friends, is the perfect time for Roqueblanche.

If this wine was a woman/girl, who would it be? A modern, active woman with character – someone who loves moments of conviviality and sharing.

2 x Viña Lorea Reserva Rioja, Spain

Alc vol:13.50% | Line no:741435
Made by María Larrea
If anyone knows how to make Rioja, it's a local – one born and raised in the region and who now is technical director for the entire CVNE group. The Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España is a family winery which has been making some of Spain's most classic wines since 1870 in Haro, La Rioja.

Everything María has learned, from studying viticulture and oenology at universities in Madrid, Montpellier and Bordeaux, to working harvests in Rioja, Mancha and Navarra, to winning 'Best wine in the world 2013' in Wine Spectator and to her love of nature and discovering pockets of abandoned vineyards goes into the beautiful wines she makes – including this rich, smooth, juicy Rioja for the Waitrose No.1 range.

Was there inspiration behind this Rioja? Viña Lorea Reserva is a fine example of the Tempranillo grape variety. It's the perfect introduction to wines from this region as well a unique opportunity to taste a red that has developed an unusual complexity from additional ageing in one of the most beautiful cellars in Spain.

Is there a time of day or type of food when you most enjoy it? For everyday Rioja, there isn’t much better than this. Shared during the weekend with the family, it’s perfect at lunch or dinner. And also ideal with friends while having pinxos (or any dishes inspired by your last visit to Spain). Pair it with food (as well as music, as we do it), and your party will be a success!

Who would this Rioja be if it was a woman? Viña Lorea Reserva is a very social animal, a wine that talks a lot! With a strong personality, it is elegant and seductive at first sight (or first sip, we should say).