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This vibrant and creative country injects a sense of Brazilian
flair into the production of its increasingly popular wines

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Regional guide for Brazil

About Brazil

City in Brazil

Brazil is currently the third most important wine producer in South America and is growing at a rapid pace. With its wide variety of styles and increasing interest in fine wines, Brazil is lucratively making a name for itself in the production of New World wines.

Moscato and Merlot are particularly successful, but the country is best known for its sparkling whites. Vineyards are concentrated in the south of the country with best results coming from Serra Gaúcha in the Rio Grande do Sul state.

The climate in these regions is typically continental, apart from Vale do São Francisco to the north-east which enjoys a tropical climate. Vines here unusually give two crops a year. Discover more about this dynamic country and the wines it produces through our region guide below.

Brazil's wider regions

Serra Gaúcha & Campos de Cima da Serra

This large and important wine region accounts for about 85% of Brazilian wine production. The region has a humid climate with milder evenings, producing grapes with strong character and crisp acidity. Serra Gaúcha is also home to the only two certified wine areas in the country.

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Campanha & Serra do Sudeste

Home to some of the oldest vines in Brazil, the prestigious regions of Campanha and Serra do Sudeste are popular for the fruit-driven wines they produce. Long, sunny days and crisp overnight temperatures creates favourable conditions for the cultivation of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay in particular.

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Planalto Catarinense

The region of Planalto Catarinense is a high altitude region – the highest in Brazil. Located between 900 and 1400 meters above sea level, the basaltic soils here add complexity to the red, white and sparkling wines.

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Vale do Säo Francisco

Located in eastern Brazil, Vale do Säo Francisco is a river valley with a semi-arid tropical climate that unusually results in two crops per year. The long hours of sunshine and warm temperatures produces very fruity wines.

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