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Famouse for its gentle climate and beautiful chateaux, the
Loire Valley is a mosaic of vineyards, all linked by its rich
history and the Loire river

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A vineyard in Loire

Loire's popular regions

Pouilly Fumé vineyard

Some of the world’s best Sauvignon Blanc

Sancerre is located on the west bank of the Loire River and produces some of the world’s best Sauvignon Blanc. With the typical characteristic aromas of fresh grass and gooseberries, Loire Sauvignon Blanc is seen as the style to beat. The region also produces silky and fruity Pinot Noir and some excellent rosé.

Vouvray vineyard

Best known for its Sauvignon Blanc

Pouilly-Fumé sits opposite Sancerre; a white-only appellation it is also known best for its Sauvignon Blanc. The style is slightly different to that of Sancerre, with Pouilly-Fumé caring more for weight in the mouth and hints of pebble smokiness. It’s an excellent match for the region’s other local product, goat’s cheese.

Sancerre vineyard

Beautifully rounded with hints of honeysuckle

Wines from Vouvray come in a whole spectrum of styles, from dry whites to sweet dessert wines. The most well-known of these styles is the sparkling wine. The wines are always made with Chenin Blanc grapes, and come in varying levels of sweetness. Depending on the style, wines from here can display delicious hints of honeysuckle, apple and ginger.

About Loire

The Loire Valley is a vast and hugely important winemaking region in Northern France. From sparkling rosé to white Pouilly-Fumé and Anjou red, the wines all have a common character: they are light, delicate, refreshing and charming.

The Loire is France’s longest river, and a mosaic of vineyards run alongside much of its length. The region can be divided into three areas and it produces a diverse spectrum of wine styles, predominantly white wine.

It is the home of big names such as Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé, Vouvray and Touraine, yet is also grows unusual varieties such as Melon de Bourgogne and Pineau d’Aunis. Loire reds are usually made from Cabernet Franc, while the whites are either Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc.

Discover more about each area and the delicate and charming wines the Loire produces below.

Loire's wider regions


Muscadet lies near the coast and is one of the largest white wine appellations in France. Produced from the Melon de Bourgogne grape, Muscadet wines are crisp, dry and refreshing, and go fantastically with white fish. The finest examples of Muscadet tend to come from Sèvre-et-Maine and bottles that are labelled ‘sur lie’ are worth looking out for as they have an added fruitiness and nuttiness.

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Coteaux de Layon

Situated in Anjou along the River Layon is Coteaux du Layon, a region best known for its amazing dessert wines. Made from 100% Chenin Blanc, these sweet wines are aromatic and fruity, with some of the finest coming from the village of Chaume.

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Most renowned for its sparkling wines, the region of Saumur is the third largest producer of sparkling wine in France. Using the white grape variety Chenin Blanc, wines are produced using traditional methods to create fine examples of French fizz. A small amount of red wine is also produced using Cabernet Franc.

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Bourgueil is situated within the Saumur region and primarily produces red wines, using the Cabernet Franc grape variety. These wines have vibrant, floral aromas that become earthy as the wines age. These wine keep well and can age up to 20 years in bottle.

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Bordering the Loire River is the region of Touraine. Perhaps best known for its amazingly pretty châteaux, the region produces a diverse range of wines including some of the best red and sparkling wines in the Loire Valley. The light and fruity reds are produced using varieties such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Gamay. The white wines are made from predominantly Chenin Blanc.

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Unusually for the Loire Valley, the region of Chinon is best known for producing top quality red wines. These wines are made using Cabernet Franc and produce a light-bodied wine, which is full of sweet perfume notes and raspberry fruit flavours.

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South-east of Vouvray you will find the small region of Montlouis, which offers an alternative demi-sec wine to that of its famous neighbour. The area of Montlouis was originally part of the Vouvray region, and so has a similar climate and terrior. The wines are made using Chenin Blanc grapes and are dry in style.

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