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How to open champagne

A guide to popping your celebratory fizz

How to open champagne from Waitrose Cellar

Video: How to open champagne wth wine specialist Stéphane Sanchez

Picture the scene...

It’s a special occasion, friends and family are gathered expectantly, glass in hand. After wrestling with the champagne bottle for an inconceivable time, the cork flies out, smashing a glass and most of your delicious fizz splashes out onto the floor.

To ensure all your celebrations go with the correct type of bang, simply try the tips in our video for the perfect pour.

Stephane Sanchez, Waitrose Cellar Specialist

Stéphane Sanchez, Waitrose Cellar specialist

Stéphane has been a Waitrose Cellar specialist for more than three years. Coming from the French restaurant trade, where he was a head sommelier, Stéphane is delighted to share his tips of the trade with Waitrose Cellar customers.

"To serve champagne, hold your glass at a 45 degree angle so it doesn't foam out everywhere - then you'll have a perfect pour."

Stéphanes top tips...

  • Chill your fizz thoroughly before opening; not only will it taste better, it will also reduce the pressure in the bottle, making it easier to open.
  • Loosen the wire cage around the cork but keep it on and keep your thumb on the cork. This will stop it popping out on its own.
  • Hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle and gently twist the bottle, not the cork, to open it.

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