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How to taste wine

Distinguish the aroma, texture
& flavour of your favourite wine

How taste wine - Waitrose Cellar

Tasting tips from
the professionals

Whether you’re keen to get the most from the wines you enjoy, are looking to learn more about wine or would like to host your own tasting, a few tips on the technique wine professionals use to taste will certainly be a great starting point.

Here Waitrose wine expert Anne Jones will guide you through a few of the basics.

Anne Jones, Waitrose Cellar Specialist

Anne Jones, Waitrose Wine Expert

IAnne has a passion for all things vinous; she’s our Waitrose Weekend wine columnist and is currently studying for her Master of Wine qualification.

"When tasting wine there is a lot to think about; aromas, tastes, textures, but ultimately you have to determine, is it right for you? Remember that everyone's taste buds are different, there's no right and no wrong - if you like it, it's right".

Anne's top tips...

  • Look at the clarity and colour of the wine; this can tell you if there’s anything wrong with it, as all wine should be clear and bright.
  • Swirl the wine round in the glass before smelling it to help open up the complexities of the aromas.
  • Swirl the wine around your mouth and if you can, draw in air at the same time. Think about the flavours, textures and how the wine develops.

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