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Whisky Flavours Wheel

The flavours found in whisky

Flavour profiles

To help you explore our wide range of Scottish malts, we've categorised them into the four taste profiles shown. First of all decide which one's for you, then take a look at the flavour wheel below to find whiskies to suit your particular palate.

Once you've identified your favourite flavour profile, this wheel will help you find single malt whiskies to match. Or you can have some fun exploring new styles you haven’t tried before. The closer the whisky is located to one of five characteristics on the wheel, the more of that characteristic it will have.

Rich and smoky

Robust, with strong peaty smokiness overlaying fruitcake and vanilla flavours. Mostly from Islay.

Good with... oysters /creamy blue cheeses

Rich and fruity

Medium-bodied with dried fruit and nut flavours. Often aged in old sherry barrels.

Good with... chocolate, vanilla or ginger puds

Light and smoky

Warm and mellow with grassy and cereal flavours and some smokiness. Often from the islands.

Good with... cured or smoked foods

Light and floral

Delicate flavours and soft floral aromas, usually with hints of fruit or grain. Often from Speyside.

Good with... light fish or mild Asian dishes

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