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Wines to go with cheese

Red wines to go with cheese - Beware tannin (like the taste of stewed tea) with drier styles of red wine, which can clash with subtle-flavoured cheese. But a young Bordeaux with a nip of tannin will be softened by creamy, ripe and unctuous Brie. And then there are sweet fortified reds, notably port, which are a dream with Stilton, other blues or strong hard cheeses. For celebrated hard cheeses from Europe, such as Manchego from Spain, France's Ossau Iraty and Italian Pecorino, you can safely bring out your best reds - think aged Rioja, Barolo and Bordeaux. And do match a country's cheese with its wines - the shared environment brings about a natural affinity.

White wines to go with cheese - Sweet whites go with many cheeses, not just blues, although they usually overpower goats and mild creamy cheeses. Dry wines can be good too. Sauvignon Blanc is a natural for goats cheese and feta, while Chablis (especially Premier Cru) is good with creamy Chaource, Cheddar and Comté, as are other fine Chardonnays.

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