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Wines to go with duck and game

With many game dishes you'll often find a hint of sweetness to lighten the inherent earthiness of the meat. Usually too much sweetness is an issue with wine matching as it will overwhelm a dry red wine. But just a touch, coupled with the unique flavour of game, provides a fabulous wine match to Pinot Noir. When the sweetness is a little more pronounced, as in a cherry sauce with venison or duck with orange, a New World Pinot Noir will marry wonderfully. Look to New Zealand or California. For more restrained dishes where only a hint of redcurrant jelly adds depth to a light sauce, then red Burgundy truly sings.

If you're looking for a white to go with such dishes, try something that has a lot of richness itself, to match the richness of the meat - South African Chardonnays and Chenin Blancs will do the trick. Should the sauce have a creamy element to it, then all the better.

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