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Dessert wines

Our delectable range of dessert wines include a wide range of luscious styles - from floral and delicate to richly honeyed.

Sweet wines are generally served with dessert, where their honeyed flavours find plenty of suitable matches. However, the acidity found in these wines not only offers glorious balance, but also makes them ideal for apéritifs. Some sweet wines have the added benefit of being relatively low in alcohol, while those with a higher ABV, such as the lightly fortified Vin Doux Naturel styles, are a great alternative to Port.

The best sweet wines rely on very ripe harvests. These can only really be achieved when the right climatic conditions last well into autumn (or March/April in the southern hemisphere). Grapes may be dried to concentrate sugar, or in some cases the vines develop a fungal growth called botrytis cinerea. This 'Noble Rot' weakens the grape's skin, shrivels the berry (as in Sauternes) and concentrates the natural sugars. For Eiswein (Ice wine), the grapes actually freeze, and are harvested in that surprisingly protected condition to produce a scented, lush but fresh nectar. Wine lovers with a sweet tooth are certainly in luck.

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