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Football fever

Toast your favourite football team
with signature wines from their home country

Shop Brazilian wines
Football fever at Waitrose Cellar
Papaya from Brazilian market

The ultimate football occasion has come around again and, footie fanatic or not, most cannot help but get caught up in the frenzy which, next to Wimbledon, is set to become the focus of many conversations, barbeques and celebratory parties this summer.

With the focus firmly on Brazil we've put together some delicious and topical wines for you to try. Can Brazil, in both the sporting and indeed vinous sense of the word, stand up to their international rivals this summer?

Support the host nation

City in Brazil

Naturally Brazilian winemakers hope to harness the attention an event like this inevitably brings to the host nation by opening the eyes of the global vinous audience to an industry that is still in its infancy.

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and while, historically, they may have been riding on the tail coats of Argentina and Chile in terms of wine, there has been great effort over the last few years to create high quality wines that stand up to their great neighbours.

Truck in Brazil

The defining feature of the Brazilian wine industry is the impact Italian
immigrants have had on wine styles since their arrival in 1875.
Today one third of the production of wine in Brazil is created by
the descendants of Italian immigrants. It is for this very reason that
Brazilians practice a very European style of wine making. This coupled with the significant investment in technical innovation and vineyard management over the past number of years makes their wine industry one to watch.

In celebration of this great sporting summer, Xenia Irwin, Master of
Wine and wine buyer for Waitrose Cellar has added a selection of
impressive Brazilian wines to our collection. Browse our
selection or read on to see what wines lie behind the
countries set to dominate the games this summer.

Raise a toast with English wine

Often compared in quality and standard to champagne, English sparkling wines have made a splash on the international market over the past decade. So, if this sporting summer of football, tennis and cricket evokes the patriotic fervour in you, cracking open a bottle of home grown fizz will mark the occasion fantastically.



The odds seem to be with Argentina this year as they are pegged as major contenders, similarly there is great bounce in the Argentinean wine industry. Fresh and fruity in style they are often best enjoyed young. Refreshing wines to enjoy on summer evenings to accompany those dynamic post match debates.


Not just famous for football, Germany is also well known for their production of some fantastic cool climate wines. Try a German Riesling if you are looking for a good white this summer or a pinot noir if you are looking for a sumptuous red.


Celebrate with Torres! Former champions, the Spanish team have great expectations this year, considering their great success in 2010. With a wine industry as dynamic and diverse as their football team, you can embrace summer sports with a vibrant fruity white or an intense Rioja.



Viva Italia! Producers of many outstanding, iconic wines, the Italians have long since championed the production of a wide range of varieties from refreshing Pinot Grigio to delicious Montepulciano. Can the Italian football team match their wine producers in excellence? One thing is for certain, stocking up on Italian wines is a must this summer.


Masterful winemakers but can they master the football pitch this year? The creators of champagne and home to the world-renowned regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy, France are undeniably top of the field in wine production. Can their football team hold the same premium position this summer? Regardless, breaking out a bottle of champagne or a fine Bordeaux is highly recommended to toast a summer of sport.


Neighbouring nation to Brazil, they like many others in the region are as passionate about their wine as they are about their football. Chilean wines make fantastic summer drinking – crisp and fresh, the perfect accompaniment for summer barbecues and al fresco dining.

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