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Wines to go with lamb

The cut and the cooking

Different parts of the lamb vary in flavour and intensity and these distinctions are even more pronounced depending on how you cook them.

More delicate cuts, rump or rack for example, go best with elegant, more restrained wines like a Bordeaux blend, northern Rhône or rosé. If you're going for a braised or slow-cooked shoulder with plenty of fragrant spices, match it with bolder or more gamey options such as Malbec or Rioja.

Condiments and vegetables

Bordeaux reds are a safe bet for lamb but so are perfumed, silky Burgundy reds, which work a treat with mustard too. If you are serving mushrooms or earthy root vegetables alongside your meat, choose a wine that doesn't overpower.


For casserole leftovers, look for Côtes du Rhônes or Rioja Crianza. Just remember: the more exotic the dish, the more rustic the wine. Where you have fatty cuts of lamb in a spicy curry or tagine, try it with a Riesling - its thrilling acidity will cut through the fat.

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